Bad Address

“You have the power over your situation”, is a commonly used phrase, yet it’s also the absolute truth. For many years, I’ve allowed certain individuals to set the tone for my life, and ideally thought it was where I was meant to be. No matter who or what it involved, I chose to take up permanent residency in a place someone put me, even when I didn’t want to stay. Sadly, I lived in that spot for so long, that I thought I’d never “move out of the area” of hopelessness. Things had always been that way, and I just didn’t see them getting any better. I was wrong! Things did improve, and so did I. When I re-took charge of my life and power over my situation, I gave immediate notice that I was leaving that bad address, and never returning!

I don’t know who or where your strength comes from, but draw from it, and withdraw yourself from bad situations. You don’t have to stay anywhere you don’t want to. Please stop allowing people to serve as your “landlord”, because you are not their tenant!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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