Stay in the womb

I’m not a mother (yet), but I know that once conception is established, a typical pregnancy takes 40 weeks for an embryo to fully develop into a fetus. There are three phases that are absolutely necessary to the growth and development of the baby. First, second, and third trimesters, as they are called, are phases in which certain parts of development takes place. If for any reason a baby “comes early” or is underdeveloped, it can possibly lead to problems and complications for not only the baby, but the mother. The same can be said for a butterfly. Although I’m hesitant to compare a pregnancy or metamorphosis of a butterfly to life situations, and I dare not to cause offense, I can’t help but find a correlation between the three. Ironically, many of us are still encased in the womb. Anxious to be birthed, we struggle to get out, although it’s not yet our time. We’re in the process of being molded and shaped by God, but it’s taking longer than expected.

Not satisfied in the stage of life we’re in, we quickly try to expedite our development, while prematurely stunting our growth. Tick tock. Tick tock. We’ve got to act now, because if we don’t, we’ll never be where we want to be, so we say. But, if we’re too early, it only lessens our chances of survival. We’d like to think we’re ready, but we’re not, because if we were, we would have been delivered already. I know we’re in a rush, but we’ve got to stay in the womb a little bit longer. We don’t want to go through the process, we just want the product, even if it’s not finished. What do you suppose life would look like, if we had been birthed prematurely? One could only wonder. No matter how much it hurts, don’t allow your problems to stop you from going through the process. When you reach the end, like a mother in labor pain, “All your anguish will give way to joy” (John 16:23).

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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