Time to get off

When my sisters and I were little, our mother would often take us to Kress’, in historic downtown Montgomery, AL. Considering the fact that we were extremely poor, I looked forward to most Saturdays, because I knew where we were going. Extremely popular, Kress’ was a huge store, and one I considered to be an absolute luxury. While most kids were able to go in and get whatever they wanted, we on the other hand, could not. Although funds were limited, our mother made sure to try and give us a decent childhood, with a few outings here and there. We didn’t have a car, so our only means of transportation was the Montgomery City Line Bus. I can remember very clearly, placing the change in the meter, and sitting down looking out the window, as we made our way to Kress’. One of the “fun” things I often got a chance to do, was pull the clever line gadget, which notified the driver that this was “our stop.” After letting us off, I was eager to go downstairs and have one of my biggest indulges, caramel popcorn. I lived for Kress’ caramel popcorn and was so sad once they closed down.

As I had gotten older, we still rode the city line bus, only this time, it was to school. I was so embarrassed and ashamed, because it only gave the kids something else they could use to joke on me. As if being poor was not enough! As this continued, I would sit and watch each person get off at their stop, until sometimes there was hardly anyone left, but me. When I sit and reflect on what was, I can’t help but notice what is, and that’s the fact that God is taking me places that some people can’t go. When people would stop talking to me or walk away from me, I didn’t realize that God was the one removing them. I used to want to take everybody with me, whether it be family, acquaintances or friends. When I made it, I wanted to be the one to “put everybody on”, but the only thing they were on, was jealousy and hate. There have been some things that they’ve said and done to raise my eyebrows, but I would always say, “No, not them.” Isn’t it funny how it’s almost always “them?” It’s a shame, because I thought many of them were riding for me, but God said, they were “just along for the ride.”

It doesn’t matter who you are connected to or what place they hold in your life, when their stop comes, tell them it’s time to get off!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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  1. Great content 🙂 Thank you


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