It never happened

I’ve never been a fan of insects, particularly flies, mosquitoes, and bees. They’re annoying yet impactful little bugs, that never seem to go away, no matter how many times you swat them. They’re constantly swarming around waiting to sting and bite you, and when they do, they quickly fly away leaving you in discomfort and pain. Sounds familiar? In life, you’re going to encounter a few bees and mosquitoes (people). Some of them will repeatedly stick you, while you’re left “stinging” from the attack, and wondering why they are always after you. Maybe it’s within their nature, then again, maybe they perceive you as the “threat.” Likely, it’s the latter. Although they may hurt you, you’ll soon get over it, and go on living your life as though it never happened.

No matter how many bees you encounter, ignore them. Eventually, they’ll go away.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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