She’s gone

For the people that don’t know me, I’m glad you didn’t meet me prior to the change. I rarely like to talk about the old me, because it only angers the new me. At one point in my “former” life, I was an angel on the outside, but an enemy was on the inside. Everything that everyone did was so off-putting to me, and I was easily angered, not to mention aggravated. Although I would love to use my mental health issues and misfortunes as a scapegoat, unfortunately, that was all me. After a pivotal turning point in my life, and having had enough of my own attitude and unacceptable behavior, I vowed to do better. Not only did I do better, I became a completely better person. I cured my negativity with positivity, my altitude “checked” my attitude, and my mental health was addressed, as opposed to being neglected.

When God did a new thing in me, I did a new thing for Him. I now live to please Him and serve as a witness to others, to let them know how truly good God is! As expected, not many people were on board with my life changes. They’ve harshly stated that I’m “too preachy”, “too religious”, a “wannabe Christian”, and some even questioned how long would “this” last. My only response, “Now and forever more.” Although they’ve tried to hold me hostage to my past and constantly remind me of it, I counter by saying, “That’s who I once was, but that’s not who I am. If you are looking for that woman, you’ll never find her, because she’s gone!”

Just because you change, don’t expect others to.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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