Seasons change

The leaves have fallen and the trees have become bare, frail, and empty, just as you are. The vibrancy that once was, is now no more, but it’s not the trees I’m speaking of. Life’s strong winds are so powerful, that no matter which way you turn, it’s always against you. After being tossed about, you get up to stand, but the storm ahead threatens to knock you back down. You can’t even brace yourself, because you’re still trying to recover from the last catastrophic event. One right after the other, disaster strikes and your concern is no longer how much damage will be done, but whether or not you’ll survive.

I want to tell you, you will! What you are in is just another season of life, but after awhile, things are going to change!

*SideNOTE* This post is for us, because i need it too!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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