Why not you?

On last week, one of my former Nursing students honored me in a way that I would’ve never imagined or expected. She asked me to pin her at her pinning ceremony, which is a customary tradition performed once a student has completed their Nursing program. I was beyond elated and excited, but most of all shocked, because of all the people she could’ve asked, why did she choose me? What made me so special and important, to take on such a huge role as that? After all, she has so many people in her life that are extremely close and important to her. Not wanting to ask too many questions, I happily obliged and counted down the days until the ceremony.

Once there, as she was exiting the stage to meet me to be pinned, the announcer stated that “Jane Doe” was going to be pinned by her Mentor. I echoed, Mentor? Who, me? My student looked at me as to say, “Why not you”? She told me that I had been there with her from beginning to end and had a huge impact on her life, so she wanted me to pin her. I couldn’t (and still can’t) even describe or put into words what that felt like, to be considered impactful let alone a “Mentor”. When I think about it, I’m still in awe and shock, but most of all, I’m so humbled and grateful.

While I thought I was just being myself, I had no clue that I was being a Mentor and making a difference in someone’s life. All the times I was so hard on myself for not being a better person, more successful or good enough, that moment made me realize I had done more than enough to make both myself and her proud! Although I didn’t set out to accomplish being of influence to her, I’m thankful that God used me to accomplish His will! Even when you think you’re not “doing anything”, or don’t deem yourself worthy let alone possess any value, continue to do as you have, and always be yourself! It’s your authenticity that people love, and most importantly, it’s what makes you, you!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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