Taking on too many projects, tasks and responsibilities (especially that of others’) can be so draining. You’re depleted, physically and mentally exhausted and you’ve run out of energy. Even doing the smallest thing can be so tiresome, and quite the chore. Whether it be work or family, you often feel as though everything in you has been sucked out, and now you’re completely empty. You’ve become depressed, there’s a change in your appetite and you’re restless, among other things. If you are indeed experiencing any of this, chances are, you’re emotionally drained.

More times than others, I find myself drained, but surprisingly, it’s not from work. I’m emotionally drained, and I feel like a sponge, that constantly absorbs others’ feelings or problems. Always wanting to be the ‘hero’, I run to the aide of everyone else, but when I need saving, there isn’t a rescue crew in site. A lot of people feel that, because I am a very strong woman and am good at balancing so many roles, that I am incapable of becoming tired. Sometimes the accumulation of stress can be enough to lead me over the edge. Rather than leap, I find relief in these things:

  1. Write/journal–It is so cathartic to me, and such a stress reliever when I am able to dump not only my problems, but that of others’
  2. Disconnect–I have become so good at avoiding social media and my phone, so much so, that I have disabled my Instagram account and often go long periods of time with my phone off. This gives me time to focus on things I need to do, instead of being available every time someone calls me
  3. Pray/Meditate–I always start my day off with prayer and end it with prayer, because it calms, soothes and relaxes me. Not to mention, it places me in a more positive and upbeat mood
  4. Take time for myself–I’m sure we all are guilty of this, and we tend to feel guilty when we do this, because “How dare we get any alone time, when others’ are in need of our time”? Having along time, affords me the opportunity to recharge, replenish and replete myself of everything I was drained of. Whether it be me binge watching Netflix, giving myself a mani/pedi or having a ‘date’ with myself, I’m content and happy and doing what I want to do
  5. Exercise–Now, this is not big on my list (lol), but I do enjoy walking and freeing my mind from clutter, instead of frantically obsessing over the thousand and one things in my head that ‘I have to do’

Maybe you are in a high-stress job (or relationship), serve as someone’s caregiver, or in school and you feel the pressure to continue to perform, even though you barely have anything left in you to give. Perhaps you too, are a sponge and in need of ‘squeezing out’. Whichever the case, hopefully you will find ways to recharge, instead of allowing others’ to run your battery dead. It can be difficult to make time for ourselves, because we don’t want to appear selfish, but sometimes, you have to be.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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