Power Shift

It has been 72 hours since God shifted me from employee to entrepreneur! As most of you learned from my last post, I was relieved from my 9-5, but I’m relieved to know I don’t have to work for or answer to anyone ever again, except for me, because I AM NOW THE BOSS! I’m grateful that God released me from jealousy, negativity and the hands of the person that thought they could hold me back, but sadly for that person, God has done nothing but push me forward! I don’t look at anything as a loss, because in order me to climb to the top, the work that I was doing had to STOP! I’m not sure if anyone else is going through a temporary storm (sadly in the midst of this pandemic), but if you are, understand this, you are being put in the perfect position to shift you to something far greater than what you thought you lost! There will probably be times you experience depression, nervousness, anxiety, fear and uncertainty about your future, but just like those days, this (tough time) too shall pass. Don’t give up or lose hope, because you can’t see what’s ahead. Remember, He does, and I can assure you, He’s already cleared the way. All you’ve got to do is trust Him and follow His lead!

Thank you for your continued support and following, even in my absence! I appreciate all of you, but I appreciate your love so much more!

Until next time my (faithful) NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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