Nothing is more frustrating, than preparing to leave for work in the morning, only to find your car won’t start. To worsen your headache, you’re already late as hell, and the last time you were, your supervisor threatened to fire you. To add to the ever growing list of problems, your supervisor calls and tells you, “It’s okay, you can just stay at home, because you’re fired anyway”. “WTF”, you murmur to yourself. Up to your eyeballs in frustration, you don’t know whether to crawl and hide under a rock, or use it to break the windshield of your car, because you’re angry.

You’re depressed, because your life is in shambles, you’re in financial straits, you’ve just lost your job and now you’re on the brink of a breakdown, all because your car broke down. Although you’d like to blame the car for your misfortunes, you were already broken in the first place. Pacing back and forth, you continuously ask yourself, “What to do”? Hours later, you have no game plan and still no money. Like space on a thumb drive, you’ve “run out” of options, and just don’t know what to do!

“This is so unfair, you scream”, because no matter how many times you’ve tried to “fix” your situation, like the car, you just couldn’t make things “work”. Scatterbrained, you try to make sense of everything, but you can’t, because you just keep taking blows. Having seen no way out, you contemplate ending things, yet you can’t muster up the strength to do it, because you’re too worn out from the attacks. You’re hanging, and that thread is not giving you much support right now. In fact, you pray that it gives way, because you just can’t take it anymore.

Rather than let go, I encourage you to hang on. Like this individual, many of you are beyond broken. You have no hope, you’ve lost your faith and you feel like giving up. Truth of the matter, I don’t think you realize you already have. However, I know one of the BEST mechanics in this world, and He is able to “repair” you! It doesn’t mater if you have to crawl your way to Him or if you need someone to “tow” you in. His shop never closes and He’s always ready to “fix” you up and get you “running” back again!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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