Thank you!

I don’t know which is best, having a mother or having a mother’s love. I’m sure anybody can be a mother, but not everybody is capable or willing to love. I thank God for a mother’s love, but most importantly, I thank God for a mother who not only exemplifies love, but IS love! Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers! It doesn’t matter if you bore the child, adopted, or had a surrogate. All that matters is that you are something a lot of children are without, but desperately want and need! Thank you for being our backbone, but most of all, thank you for always having our backs!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

Published by Deetra La'Rue

Hi! I'm Deetra La'Rue, a 37-year-old, Author, Writer, and Motivational Speaker, hailing from the historical state of Alabama. If you're seeking God, I encourage you to follow this blog, and if you in need of hope, grab a pen and pad, and prepare to take some "notes," because class is officially in session!

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