Every step counts

There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to assemble something, that’s come with a thousand and one pieces. We all dread reading the ever confusing thick “white booklet”, also known as the instructions. Before we even allow ourselves the chance to fully read it, let alone follow it, we quickly try to do it on ourContinue reading “Every step counts”

When the chips are down

Been in a funky mood lately? Tired of being tired? Do you want to give up, because you don’t see things getting any better? You are not alone! So many people all over the world are experiencing the same feelings as you, and are unsure what to do. A part of them want to believeContinue reading “When the chips are down”

I don’t believe you

I used to think that I could do anything, until I started listening to you If only I’d paid you no mind, then I wouldn’t have allowed you to change mine Now, I’ve gone from being great, to questioning whether or not I really am There’s no doubt that I’m insanely gifted, but when youContinue reading “I don’t believe you”

Waiting to Launch

You have an idea. I mean a really good one, but you’re afraid others won’t think so. However, the most disturbing thing, is that you don’t believe it either. That’s why you’ve been sitting on those same dreams and revisiting those forever goals, which is somehow taking you forever to complete. I don’t know whetherContinue reading “Waiting to Launch”

Focus on the promise, not the problem

People lie, God doesn’t. People change their mind, but God stands firm on His. People make promises they don’t intend to keep, but God fulfills them all. He didn’t say it’d be easy, but He did promise to “Strengthen and help us”. (Isaiah 41:10) He didn’t say the path would be smooth, but He didContinue reading “Focus on the promise, not the problem”