Get it together

“Get yo sh** together”, are the words my friend so “delicately” told me. Although I’m being facetious, he was for real. During one of our many private conversations, I expressed to him some desires of my heart. While he didn’t think they were unreasonable, he felt as though the timing was just not right (more on this tomorrow). Paraphrasing, he stated that, “I have some unfinished business that I need to get done, before I start trying to get what I want”. Even though I wasn’t sure what this “unfinished business” entailed, I continued to listen. “La’Rue, you’ve got a lot going for yourself. You’ve got to finish writing your books and put a bid on that building for your business, and everything else can come later, including us. You need to stay focused and don’t let a man or nothing get in the way of what you need to do, not even me. If I have to stop calling you in order for you to get it done, I will. You hear me?”

Sheesh! What did I do? Or should I say, what was I not doing? I’ll admit, I am distracted and have fallen off the boat, and I am struggling to get back on. I’ve neglected everything and postponed it for later, because “I have the time”. However, the only thing I “have” is a bunch of ideas on a piece of paper, with no drive or ambition to make them a fruition. What in the hell happened? Or, more importantly, what happened to me? I’m not sure when the cup shattered, but I desperately needed to piece myself together again. Fortunately for me, he recognized my value, saw my greatness and rather than sit back and allow me to mess up, he spoke up instead. I have a deep appreciation for him, because he always encourages me and pushes me to do better, when I’m too lazy to move. I’m sure you can benefit by having someone in your life that does the same.

Like me, you probably have fallen off track or simply lost your way, but you’ve got to make it back. Remember your why and establish your when. Don’t become stagnant and put your dreams on the backburner, because it’ll only be a matter of time that you forget they’re “back” there!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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