On a lighter note…

A colleague and friend of mine, sent me an email that contained a powerful message about four lit candles. One candle represented peace, and the others, faith, love and hope. Each one of them had a specific purpose, but they were unable to serve it, because no one had peace, they lacked faith and didn’t understand the importance of love, so they all lost their flame. However, the last candle that remained, was hope. Because of its unwavering power, it kept burning and was able to relight the others. We all have those four candles planted deep inside of us, but some people have allowed their hardships, life experiences and winds of doubt, to blow their flames completely out. They’ve lost their spark, and couldn’t set themselves ablaze, even if they wanted too. So many bad things has happened to them, therefore, they’ve become weak, hopeless and can’t find positivity in anything. They don’t see a way out, and their life has become very dim. Because they lack the ability to shine, you have to be the light in the midst of their darkness. You are their candle of hope! Whatever you do, never stop burning, because your fire can reignite their flame!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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