Not yours to keep

Why struggle, when you don’t have to? Why live in agony and pain, when you have someone capable of taking it all away? Why carry such heavy burdens, when God can lighten your load? Why worry about tomorrow, when you don’t know the outcome of today? You’ve grown weary from pleading for help, and because you’re tired of praying, you give up. But, have you given it over to God? In life, you’re going to be met with adversities and oppositions, but you’ve got to introduce them to Him, so they can see who’s bigger! When your problems can’t intimidate God, they come after you! I know you’re thinking, “I got this”, but how can you have something that you can’t even handle? You’re out of your lane and most definitely out of your mind, if you think you can do anything better than God. Let go, and stop holding on to things that are trying to destroy you. That can be very hard and challenging, because when He’s “slow to act”, we’re quick to take it back, and the pain comes back once again. Cast all your burdens upon God, because they’re not yours to keep! Those are His problems, let Him deal with it!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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