What if God got tired?

Jesus loves me this I know, regardless if I’ve been good or bad

But what if God was unforgiving and held me hostage to my past?

Unlike man, He gives us grace, favor and mercy, and is there when trouble calls

But what if God removed His hands from our backs and instead allowed us to fall?

He’s been our counselor, He’s been our doctor, protector, provider and friend

But what if God regretted the day He sacrificed His son’s life to pay for our sins?

He made a way when there wasn’t one, and brought us to and through life’s test

But what if God decided we wasn’t worthy of His blessings and gave us mediocre instead of the best?

He accepted us no matter if we were right or wrong, told the truth or were simply lying

But what if God refused to heal our bodies, even if we were sick or dying?

He’s performed miracles, raised the dead, and somehow made life worth living

But what if God adopted our selfish ways, and ultimately stopped giving?

Even in the eleventh hour, He’s right on time and never late

But what if God stood us up, and always made us wait?

Twenty-four seven He’s always on call, never sleeps or seem to rest

But what if God got tired of our problems, and left us to deal with our own mess?

Feels good to know my flaws are overlooked, but not me!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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