Discredited dreams

You’re excited! I mean, really, really excited and you want everyone to hear about it. You can barely contain yourself, because things are about to get “real”……..your dreams, that is. Until, you find out that what’s everything to you, is nothing more than a “fantasy” to someone else. In fact, they have a hard time believing “dreams do come true”, because they don’t have any. As a result of their unbelief, they will discredit your dreams, and consider them mere fairytales, because they know that rarely do they exist. Although you want them to share in your joy, they can’t find any. You see, those are your dreams and what you see for yourself, they don’t. So, don’t expect them to support your dreams when they can’t understand why you have them. In the words of my Therapist, “Giraffe’s can’t share their dreams with turtles, because they can’t see what you do”!

Remember, you have the ability to “see things far away”, and ever so often, you’ll find people trying to obstruct your view. Whatever you do, don’t let them “get in the way” of your dreams!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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