All, but not enough

Margaret has a six-figure paying job, but for her, it’s not enough.

She has the car and house of her dreams, however, it’s not enough.

She gets to travel around the world at the expense of others, yet it’s still not enough.

She has power and people at her beck and call, but clearly it’s not enough.

Margaret appears to have it all, but it’s just not good enough!

Can you tell what Margaret is missing? Although she has everything others would possibly want and more, the one thing Margaret doesn’t have is happiness. She thought money was the answer, but it only created more problems. She figured once she had the car and house of her dreams that she’d be content, but not even it could soothe her pain. By traveling all around the world, she was able to live a full life, but deep down inside she still remained empty. She sits in a high position and people are at her disposal, yet she can’t make the misery go away.

It doesn’t matter someone’s finances, status or position in life, if they lack happiness, they’ll never be sufficient. Sometimes we think we can determine the state of one’s happiness, based upon outward appearances, but it’s the things that we can’t see that would give us the true picture. People can play pretend with the world, but can’t be real with themselves. However, just because someone shows you how bright their life is, doesn’t mean things are always lit.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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