Steel weak

Cast iron ain’t got nothing on me and wood breaks as soon as it’s hit

Concrete is solid and aluminum foils but I’m more powerful than all of it

People talk and when they do, I let them speak their mind

I would care about the things they say, but it doesn’t bother me this time

The insults they hurl and negativity they throw, barely touches the surface

Hate is strong, but it doesn’t affect me, so what exactly is its purpose?

The attacks keep coming and because I’m resilient, I keep on bouncing back

No matter the weapon they use against me, they’ll never be my match

They spread rumors, employ lies and drag me through the dirt

But because I’m not the least bit affected, none of the bulls*** hurt

I can take anything that comes my way, so shoot your best shot

If name calling is the best you have, then nothing is all you’ve got

Titanium is tough, but I’m tougher, and can withstand any level of heat

Although I’m made of stainless steel, sometimes I do get weak

Have you ever met someone who claimed that no matter what people said or did to them, didn’t hurt? Although I am strong and my exterior is “hard”, words still bother me! I’m finishing up a book on Understanding the power of words, and no matter how much we exclaim they have none, they do. However, you can choose to take it away! Don’t give the enemy your power, use it against them!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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