Doing less to do more

I’m always “ripping and running”, and more times than plenty, I find myself headed towards “E”. I need to stop and refuel, but I continue to go, even when I don’t have the energy to. Nonetheless, I continue to drive. “I need to keep going”, is what I’m always telling myself, but in all honesty, I need to sit down! Majority of the time, I’m doing things for others, while deferring my own needs. I question the overextension I’ve given of myself to so many people, especially when they’re unwilling to lend me a hand.

Maybe I’m too caring or foolish, I suppose. Often times, I’m constantly speeding from one situation to the next, and I need to stop, but I don’t see a red light in sight. I waver between green and yellow, because I’m constantly on the go, but there are times I need to slow down………but, I don’t. Besides, I can’t take a day off. Because if I don’t do it, then nobody else will. However, I am doing entirely too much for them, and not enough for me! I’ve come to the realization that I need to do less, so I can do more.

I need to do less for others……and (so much) more for myself

I need to do less worrying……and (a lot) more praying

I need to do less of being the superhero…..and (be) more like Lois Lane

I need to do less of being “Johnny on the spot”……..and (disappear) more like “Whodini”

But, what I really need, is to brake, so I can take a “break”! I can just feel it…….I’m running dangerously low, and desperately need to refuel. Are you too running on fumes, and don’t know if you’ll have enough gas to keep going? Like me, you need to make a pit stop , because it’ll only be a matter of time, before we breakdown!

What do you need to do less/more of?

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

2 responses to “Doing less to do more”

  1. This is serious, those of us who are ALWAYS everything to everyone need a reset and simply to be “selfish” for ourselves and own best interest.

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