All, but not enough

Margaret has a six-figure paying job, but for her, it’s not enough. She has the car and house of her dreams, however, it’s not enough. She gets to travel around the world at the expense of others, yet it’s still not enough. She has power and people at her beck and call, but clearly it’sContinue reading “All, but not enough”

Reigning without a throne

The enemy has all the power, but when it’s time to use it, he/she possesses none. Although they’re in control, they lack the authority to do anything. Their threats are strong and lethal, but without exertion, they’re harmless. They will use their position to invoke fear, but you’re in no position to be afraid. ItContinue reading “Reigning without a throne”

The Manifestation

For the year 2018, I was living in “expectancy”…….. For the year 2019, I declared that I was “expecting” more……. For the year 2020, all of my EXPECTATIONS will be met! The past two years have been the most memorable ones of my life! I’ve grown more, cried a whole lot, stepped outside of myContinue reading “The Manifestation”

Chaos in the stands

I love football! Every Saturday, I would be seated in the living room, watching and waiting for Alabama to take down their next victim. Aside from them being an outstanding team, one thing I noticed in particular, is the loyalty and love their fans have for them. It doesn’t matter who Alabama is up againstContinue reading “Chaos in the stands”

The Purge

“When I make it, I’m bringing everybody with me”! Have you ever questioned the reason as to why you don’t have something you want, is because you are holding on to something you don’t need? You desperately want to win in life and can’t, because they’re the reason you keep losing! You don’t understand, they’veContinue reading “The Purge”

You’ve gotta be quicker than that

Too many people are living comfortably on “cruise control”. Although they want to excel in life, they’re too afraid to accel. They’ve been going at the same speed for years, and refuse to press the gas. Even though they want to reach their desired destination, they’re unwilling to do what is necessary to get themContinue reading “You’ve gotta be quicker than that”

Giving you the best that I’ve got

I’m working on a book where I constantly stress the importance of how impactful words are, and how you react to them. They can either lift you up or pull you down. Make you happy or cause you to be sad. Make you better or have you at your absolute worse. When you allow whatContinue reading “Giving you the best that I’ve got”

Present times calls for future blessings

Stop moving, because there’s nowhere else for you to go. Stop running, because it won’t get you there any faster, so it’s just best to “be still”. I know you are uncomfortable and sick of the position that you’re in, but you’ve got to stay put. Yes, you’re tired. Yes, you just want to getContinue reading “Present times calls for future blessings”

Feast your eyes on this

Sit down. I’ve been expecting you. I hope you came with an appetite, because what I have prepared for you, will satisfy all of your cravings. Not only will it be fulfilling, but it’ll be like nothing you’ve had before. Neither Burger King or McDonald’s can give you what I can. Although you may “HaveContinue reading “Feast your eyes on this”

God’s Plan

Dana has just received some wonderful news! The very thing that has been desperately trying to hold her back, has decided to let go. After a year of being captive, Dana is finally about to be set free! Her captor has decided to get rid of her, because she feels she’s no longer of use.Continue reading “God’s Plan”