I want to leave my job, but my students need me….

I want to say “yes”, but I need to say “NO”…….

I want to take a break from school, but I need to keep going (although I’m mentally drained)….

I want to be a Doctor, but I need to just be a Nurse (says my mom)….

I want to leave my boyfriend, but I need to remain with him, because I won’t find anyone better……

I want to move, but I need to stay, because my “life” is in Alabama….

I want to have more, but I need to be content with what I have….

I want to be further along, but I need to be right where I am….,,,

Have you ever “wanted” to do something, but was paralyzed with fear? Maybe the “unknown” and “possibility of failure” has somehow coerced you to believe you can’t do what you want, because success is not guaranteed. Perhaps you’re unwilling to pursue your goals, because you “just know” opposition is ahead. In order to not run into it, you forgo your dreams, because things are much “safer” where you are.

Fear is one of the most debilitating things one can experience. For years, it has invoked terror into people and scared them into believing they’re not worthy of nothing, let alone anything good. However, you can’t live your life in a panic room, because your’e afraid to “move”, to “leave”, to “take a break” or say “no”. Don’t allow fear to determine how far you go, and don’t allow it to paralyze you!

#fearnothing #fearnoone #fearwillNOTwin

Until next time my NOTE takers,

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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  1. Excellent.


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