“A woman unaffected by insults, has made her enemies absolutely powerless”. ~Entity

There is no greater feeling than knowing I took their power away!  They are weak, defenseless and cannot fight back, even if they wanted to.  I tower over them like skyscrapers, looking down and laughing, because they can no longer hurt me with the venomous things that used to hurt me.  All the insults, darts and attacks they lodged at me, missed!  After years of trying to please many Masters, I cut the strings and begin to walk and talk on my own. When I didn’t care enough about me, I was affected by everything everyone said, even the things that weren’t true. When I developed a thicker skin, not even the “stings” could penetrate through.

One of my favorite and fellow bloggers, Dr. Perry, wrote a post on the “Law of allowances”. One of the most profound things he states is, “It is important to point out that the allowance of negative behaviors, from people in your life, is not because of a law of attraction but has everything to do with the law of allowances. What negative behaviors are you willing to allow from the people who surround you? It can be as simple as allowing a person to take a week to respond to your text. Or, it can be as serious as allowing abusive behaviors in your relationships”. The hurt and pain I experienced from others, was “allowed”. I “allowed” them to speak to me negatively. I “allowed” what they said to hurt me and change the way I viewed myself.

Speaking of allowed, one of the worst things you can do, is allow someone control over you (your emotions/feelings). In some of my many sessions, I would always tell my Therapist how this person made me mad or made me act a certain way. In her “strong” voice, she’d say, “A person will only do what you allow them to do, because you’ve given them control”. Although she can be a bit spicy at times in her delivery, she has given me nothing but truth! I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time, but essentially, I was giving my power away. Sad to say, I relinquished all control over to my enemies.

When I regained control, I saw the benefits of turning a blind eye to my enemies. Instead of fighting tic for tac with words, I simply didn’t use any. Remember, silence is a response, and when people talk about you, let them! Granted words will hurt, but they won’t when you don’t care!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

2 responses to “Powerless”

  1. Thank you Deetra, you are an inspiration to me. You are profound. Thank you God for sending me to one of the most Godly woman I’ve met in years.

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    1. I’m am thankful to God, that I was able to have some type of impression on you. It was truly His plan to have us meet, and I look forward to many more God-centered conversations to come!


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