A little piece of heaven

So, I’m currently in the “Windy City”, sitting in the Corner Bakery Cafe, eating my “curds and whey”. No, seriously, I’m eating bananas foster pancakes, which are to die for! Chicago is my home for the next 5 days, and as I sit and reflect over my life and all that has happened to me in the past two years, one phrase comes to mind, “A little piece of heaven”.

I can honestly say, I would’ve never imagined this for my life, especially considering the trials and tribulations I was met with early on. I was born below the poverty line and brought up in some undesirable circumstances, so my mindset then was, “Things are never going to get better”. Now twenty (plus) years later, things have been beyond better.

I’m very blessed and fortunate to travel and visit places that have been on my “to do list” for years, and every time I scratch another location off, it feels like “heaven”. “Note takers”, don’t ever stop living, dreaming or stop in the pursuit of your happiness. Things may be rough for you now, but eventually, they’ll get better!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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