Following David’s footsteps

Fear and failure are two of the most debilitating feelings one can experience. They are very powerful and have the ability to change the course of one’s life, not to mention, damage it. Categorically, they’re tsunami’s, towers, and mountains that pose a threat to the quality of your life and predictive indicators of the outcome. They’re almost impossible to avoid, and once you encounter them, you only have two options: either give in or put a fight.

I’d like to talk to you about a young courageous boy named David, and his ability to defeat one of the biggest giants he’d ever faced. David was small and paled in comparison to Goliath, but he didn’t allow his size to intimidate him. Instead, he stood up to Goliath and challenged him to fight. Because of David’s faith in God and his willingness to not become a victim to fear, he was able to slay Goliath. He was a hero, to say the least, because he did what others were afraid to do, fight!

Like David, we’ve all encountered a giant or two in our lives. For some, it’s people, but for most, hardships, struggles, trials and tribulations, is their Goliath. Although all of these things can debilitate you, they don’t have to. You too can do as David did! All you’ve got to do is put on your armor and prepare to battle. God will win the war for you; all you have to do is show up!

When was the last time you “put up a fight”? Are you facing any “giants” and don’t know whether you’ll be able to slay them or them slay you? You may not have weapons of mass destruction, but all David had was a sling, rock and faith, and the greatest of these is faith. What do you have? Better yet, what do you have to lose, other than feelings of defeat? You’re a fighter and bigger than what you’re up against. Once you realize your strength, nothing will be impossible for you to handle.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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