Just “Ripe” (You’ve been planted) The Conclusion

Now is the time to reap the harvest! You have blossomed into what God has created you to be! You should be very appreciative that He made you “take the scenic” route, and didn’t allow you to take any shortcuts. Had you taken the “quick and easy” route, you may have not ended up at your final destination. There were many snares (people) set in place to create a diversion, because they know the power you possess. However, thanks be to Him for always keeping you on track!

I know you didn’t understand it, nor liked it, and probably questioned His reason for doing, but aren’t you glad He kept you? Just imagine what would’ve happened, had He “picked” you up well before the harvest. What do you believe you would’ve looked like? Do you suppose you would’ve been as strong as you are now? Better yet, would you have been able to endure people trying to plant weeds around you, so they can “kill” you off, well before you even sprout?

NOW do you understand why it simply wasn’t your time? Oh, but the time is now! You are just “ripe” (right), and God is about to “uproot” you, so the whole world can see what He has done! You were created on purpose, for a purpose, and all that you went through was a part of His purpose!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue