The Emergence (You’ve been planted) Pt. IV

It’s exposure time! You’ve been planted, watered and nurtured, now it’s time for you to rise and start the process of becoming exactly what you were created to do….BLOSSOM! You’re in God’s garden, planted amongst some of His finest creations! Everyone is looking at you and admiring your beauty, because they’ve never seen anything like you before. You’re unique, radiant, beautiful to say the least, and you possess something no other flower has.

Sure, we’re all created in the likeness of His image, but your image is different. In fact, it’s so different, the rest of the flowers (people) are asking why their seed wasn’t as powerful as yours. Comparison and jealousy at its finest! However, because no two flowers are alike, they won’t ever look the same as you, let alone compete with your strength and ability to shine. There was a reason you were buried…..There was a reason you were hidden….There was a reason you had to go through this lengthy, yet necessary process. There was a reason for it ALL! He knew your worth, but I don’t think you did. Therefore, He had to give you time to make sure you grew into what He created you to be.

A lot of times we try to rush God, because we feel as though He’s taking too long to get us to where we want to be, when essentially, it’s not where He wants us to be. We adopt the “I’ll take it from here attitude”, and do what we feel is best for us, knowing very well, without Him, we’d get nowhere. As a result of our stubbornness, we become stagnant and then wonder why we’re stuck and can’t go any further. Because of His omniscience, He places us in a position of uncomfortableness, which leaves us with no choice but to trust Him. Keep following Him, and you’ll be amazed at your evolution!

Now that you’ve endured the darkness, grew in the midst of what seemed to be an unbearable and uncomfortable situation, you have arisen and are well on your way out. We see you, and what a beautiful site to see!

Until next my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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