Wait! You’re not finished yet! (You’ve been planted) Pt. III

“I see leaves”! Beautiful, shiny, waxy, bright green leaves! However, there are no petals attached. You’re almost out, but things aren’t quite “rosy” yet. You’ve made progress for sure, but something’s still missing….nurturing. You were given something very powerful, but because of your negligence, you can’t come to full term!

“But, I’ve watered it”? So you keep saying, but it’s going to take more than water for you to come to life. Have you ever considered your “growth” may be stagnant, as a result of your inattentiveness and lack of care? Like many others, I’m pretty sure you thought you were just going to drop a few specks of “water” on your seed, come back in a few days and expect to see flowers. Sorry, but growth doesn’t work like that!

You’ve got to go through a nurturing process, and if you don’t know anything about agriculture, understand this, water alone won’t cause anything to grow! Talk to your seed (yourself)…show it love and speak its existence, “into existence”. Come on now, you can’t expect Him to do all the work! Besides, He planted you, but if you don’t want to experience growth, a seed you shall remain!

It’s dark, you’re lonely and scared, probably frustrated too, but you’ve got to remain put! Just think, you started out as a tiny seed, now look how far you’ve come “from the ground” up! Your roots are strong, leaves have been established, but you’ve still got quite a ways to go. No doubt about it, you’re gonna bloom, but you’re still not ready yet! Stay grounded for just a little while longer…I promise you, you’re going to emerge soon!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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