They will fight you, but they won’t win!

Everybody has experienced a bully or two in their lifetime, but I was fortunate to have many! Although strange to some, I consider it a compliment when people try to fight me, because I know it’s not what I am, but WHO’S AM I, that they’re mad about. Moreover, well before the battle is to ensue, God has already made me privy of the outcome, and let’s just say, the cards are NOT in their favor! Equipped with this, I sit back and watch as God swat my enemies away like flies, one by one. After all, He said, “Weapons would form, but they wouldn’t prosper”, so I know my enemies will NEVER touch me!

I’m special, intelligent, too powerful, and my enemies are NOT pleased with that. Clearly upset at me being one of God’s FAVORite, they work desperately to take me out. They guise themselves as “caring” friends, “friendly” colleagues and “fans” of my work, but in all reality, they were getting close to me, so they wouldn’t have to “shoot” so far away. They were strategic in calculating their plans, but their execution was poorly constructed. Fully locked and loaded, they pulled the trigger, but the bullet never left the chamber. They are amazed, puzzled and baffled to say the least, because they came prepared for battle, but the war is already won!

I am victorious and didn’t have to lift a finger, because I had already “lifted” them up to God! Sometimes you’ve simply got to walk away from people. Not because you’re afraid, but because you know it’s already handled. When you’re put in confrontational positions, don’t do anything. God said you only need to be still, and He’ll do everything else. It doesn’t matter if your family, friends or colleagues want to fight you, don’t hit back. They want you to engage, because they know your worth, and if they have any inkling they can bring about your demise, they’re certainly going to try.

However, you don’t have to fight anyone, because you’re already a winner! They see it, and more importantly, they see what God is doing for you and through you. I’m a winner, so there’s no way I’m going to switch places with a “loser”. They can’t stand it, and you can’t afford to be bothered. Keep allowing Him to use you, and keep Him first!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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