“I said NO”!

I’ve been absent…..

On a week’s long “hiatus”……

Missing in action…..and the list continues.

Truthfully, I’m tired, worn and simply burned out! I have been “running” since January, and I feel selfish and guilty for even thinking about stopping, when what I’m doing are the desires of my heart! I’m overworked, but grateful. I’m incredibly busy, but thankful! I’m always on the go, but appreciative! I’m living out my dreams, and I’m blessed! Although I’ve given a laundry list of what seems like complaints, I want to express the importance of saying, NO!

I’ve mentioned several times before, I’ve always tried to be everything to everybody, but had no one to save me, when I needed rescuing. In the mere moments leading up to me “drowning”, I somehow was able to survive the raptures of my busyness. There comes a point in time in all of our lives, where we’ll have to decline people, events and projects, if we want any chance of not collapsing, due to our unwillingness to say NO!

I understand; you don’t want to offend people, hurt their feelings or run the risk of them severing ties with you, but sometimes you have to say to yourself, “It’s either me or them”. I’d rather have people walk away from me, than for me to carry on more baggage than I can handle. It is imperative, that for your mental and physical well-being, that you only deal with what you are able to. Don’t overextend yourself or make promises you can’t keep!

It’s okay to say no, and I’m getting better at doing it! It’s hard, but sometimes, you’ve got to know when you’ve reached your limit!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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