“I said NO”!

I’ve been absent…..

On a week’s long “hiatus”……

Missing in action…..and the list continues.

Truthfully, I’m tired, worn and simply burned out! I have been “running” since January, and I feel selfish and guilty for even thinking about stopping, when what I’m doing are the desires of my heart! I’m overworked, but grateful. I’m incredibly busy, but thankful! I’m always on the go, but appreciative! I’m living out my dreams, and I’m blessed! Although I’ve given a laundry list of what seems like complaints, I want to express the importance of saying, NO!

I’ve mentioned several times before, I’ve always tried to be everything to everybody, but had no one to save me, when I needed rescuing. In the mere moments leading up to me “drowning”, I somehow was able to survive the raptures of my busyness. There comes a point in time in all of our lives, where we’ll have to decline people, events and projects, if we want any chance of not collapsing, due to our unwillingness to say NO!

I understand; you don’t want to offend people, hurt their feelings or run the risk of them severing ties with you, but sometimes you have to say to yourself, “It’s either me or them”. I’d rather have people walk away from me, than for me to carry on more baggage than I can handle. It is imperative, that for your mental and physical well-being, that you only deal with what you are able to. Don’t overextend yourself or make promises you can’t keep!

It’s okay to say no, and I’m getting better at doing it! It’s hard, but sometimes, you’ve got to know when you’ve reached your limit!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

Don’t Stop!

I am beyond blessed, to have had the privilege to speak with low-income, first generation high school students, at a high school located in Alabama! As a Motivational Speaker, one of the things I pride myself on, is being authentic and most important, transparent with my audience. As I made the 3.5hr drive to speak with these students, I immediately realized where I was going….back into time!

I was taking a trip down (an unforgettable) memory lane, and let’s just say, although I have survived my past experiences, they sometimes still bother me. As I walked into the school doors, I was immediately met with students who looked just like me, when I was a teenager. They didn’t have the best of clothes, they looked worn, and most noticeable, they were poor….not just in terms of finances, but attitude, spirit and self-esteem.

When I saw them, they’re eyes screamed, “Help” and “Save me”, but the only thing I could offer, were words of wisdom and something they definitely needed, HOPE! As I spoke, I surveyed the audience, and often found myself staring at “me”. I felt bad for them, and there was nothing more I wanted for them, but for them to get out of their situation (whatever it was). Financially, I desperately wanted to help, but that would only solve a small portion of their problems.

Physically, emotionally and mentally, these young Kings and Queens were drained and beat down. They had little support, if any at all, and they needed to be saved. I felt so helpless, because essentially, there was nothing I could do, but offer them something I wish I had when I was in their situation….HOPE and example to live by! After speaking with them, they treated me to lunch and a book signing. Although it was a paid speaking engagement, the positive comments I received from the students was “worth more” than the money I received!

I’m so grateful to be a servant, but most importantly, in a position of power and influence! I am purposed to live the life God has set out for me, and I am so happy to be able to bless others! I am living out my dreams, while having the position of my dreams! I couldn’t ask for a better life, and so thankful that I am enjoying mine! Whatever it is you aspire to be or do, DON’T STOP, until you’ve reached your destiny!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours!

Deetra La’Rue

Go on….don’t be afraid!

Ever been at the Fair or Carnival, and you refused to ride the roller-coaster or Ferris wheel, because you were afraid of heights? Better yet, have you seen a baby attempt to walk for the very first time? If so, you’ve witnessed the horror on their face as they took their first steps, because what they we’re doing was unfamiliar to them, and it created fear. However, after several bouts with falling and getting back up, they continued to walk, although their balance was still shaky.

Guess what? That’s life! Sometimes, it’s going to be shaky, scary and you will be afraid, because like the roller-coaster, you’re going to be taken on a “whirlwind” of emotions. However, life has its ups and downs and is full of the “unknown”, but you shouldn’t allow it to stop you from getting out there! Who cares if you fell down, got hurt or are struggling to get back up. It’s okay to fall down, just as long as you don’t stay there!

I used to be afraid of flying (although I had never flown before), particularly, due to my fear of heights. Just the thought of being in the air made my stomach queasy, and sent me into panic mode. However, once I flew, I enjoyed being in the clouds, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. To think, the very thing I was opposed to doing, ended up being something I actually enjoyed. I’m almost for certain there is something that you want to do or a place you want to go, but you’re scared.

Your fear may range from “doubt” to “what if”, but “what if”, you decided to take a chance? What do you stand to benefit? More importantly, what do you have to lose? As scary as it may be, life is a lot like flying. You’re takeoff maybe rocky, you’ll experience some turbulence even, but your Pilot (God) will always ensure a safe landing! So go on…..don’t be afraid!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue