Pro Bono

Are you one of those people who are always working for “benefit”, and not being of “benefit”? In other words, you’re looking at what you can get out of the deal, as opposed to what you can give someone else. We’ve all heard of the overly used expression, “I don’t work for free”, but would it hurt you if you did? I understand we all have to make a living, but what about those who can barely afford to live?

Do we look out for them, or concern ourselves with getting ours, and suggest they do the same? I know we can’t control people’s circumstances, shortcomings, or help everyone out, but what about the difference we’d make if we tried to? More importantly, are we willing too? Sometimes, I question if I’m the only one that still cares, because I feel like I’m one of few concerned with this agenda.

When I help others, it’s for four reasons: God has been a blessing to me, innately I’m a caring person, I love to and someone did it for me! I can’t look down on others and not offer an extended hand, especially when I’m in a position to help. Let’s be clear, when I speak of helping and giving, I’m not necessarily talking in terms of money. Too often, people equate helping with money, and while it “helps”, it’s not always what people need.

Some people need your time, expertise, love, support and to simply know that you care, and don’t mind being there. How can you set a dollar amount or place value on being a blessing to someone else? I don’t expect everyone to do everything for free, because I don’t (let’s be real)! However, I don’t charge for everything I do or expect something in return, all because I provided a service.

The joy I make them feel by helping out is my “hard earned pay”! I realize I can’t be everything to everybody or help the world out, but I’m going to do whatever I can to try and make a difference! You don’t always have to do something with the intent on being paid or rewarded for what you do. Sometimes, the difference you make is the only reward you’ll receive!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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