Because they said I couldn’t

People love to tell you who you are, when they’re still trying to figure themselves out. Crazy as it is, I LOVE when people try to fit me in a box or set limitations on me, because I “Houdini” them every time! I always escape their traps and leave them wondering how I managed to break free of something they were for certain would “hold me back or down”.

I’m no Leo (Libra’s RULE), but folks gotta understand, you can’t cage a lion and expect it to remain captive, when it’s used to being “wild and free”. Besides, I’m extremely claustrophobic and don’t do well in closed spaces, so there’s no way I’m going to be confined to someone else’s ideas of me, and what I should be (or doing). #haveseveralseats #anentirestadiumfull

Sometimes I have to laugh to keep from crying (for them), because there’s nothing more sad, pitiful and pathetic, for someone to try and extinguish your “fire”, because they can’t seem to keep their flame burning. I’ve had many naysayers in my life and people who didn’t believe in me, because they thought that I wasn’t capable.

Rather than retaliate, I just used the negative energy they projected towards me as ammunition to do everything they said I couldn’t! As a Pastor once said, “Although the battle is raging, the war is already won”. Even though the fight has yet to end, I am a victor, because I keep fighting for what “they” told me I couldn’t have……and that’s the right to be who I am, without people trying to conform me into who they want me to be.

A lot of people are hurting! They can’t take their foot off the break and excel, because they’ve allowed someone to “stop” them from doing what they want to do. I consider myself a bit of a show off at times, so I fully encourage (and welcome) people to try and put a stop sign in front of me, because I RUN right through that sh…..EVERY time! #sorrynotsorry

Listen, give your critics the BEST seat in the house, and let them watch your success! I guarantee you, they’ll leave wondering how you managed to escape, when they failed to do all they could to trap you!

Until next time my Note takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

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