Keep Dreaming

One of my favorite stories in the Bible, is found in Genesis 37. It’s the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob and Rachel. Before you run, I’m not going to preach a sermon, but I want you to understand the importance of “sharing your dreams”. Joseph was the youngest of 12 boys, and also the favorite of their father, Jacob. As you can imagine, the family dynamics was anything but great, and because of Jacob’s favoritism to Joseph, the brothers resented and despised their youngest brother.

Joseph would often share with his brothers his “dreams”, and how they (brothers) would come to bow down to him. Filled with rage and envy, the brothers conspired to kill him. However, the oldest brother Rueben, although filled with hate and envy, didn’t want to see Joseph killed. Instead, he opted to sell him to Ishmaelite traders and concocted a story (to which the father believed), about how Joseph was slaughtered by a wild animal, and there was nothing they could do to save him.

Obviously distraught, their father Jacob, was inconsolable and mourned the “death” of his son for a very long time. A’las, the brothers could breath a sigh of relief, because “The Dreamer”, as they commonly referred him to, was gone. Lo and behold, one day as the brothers were out working, they saw a figure in the distance, one that was all too familiar. It was their “deceased” brother Joseph, walking in royalty to meet them.

Of course, this astounded them, because they thought they’d never see him again. See, when they sold him to the Ishmaelite traders, he ended up working for Potiphar, a palace official to Pharaoh. Even though his circumstances were harsh and unwarranted, he managed to come out on top. Why? Because, although his brothers were jealous and envious of him, he never stopped believing in his dreams.

Hopefully, you’re like me, and have many dreams and aspirations. Often times, we’re so excited about our visions and dreams, that we want to share them….with everyone. However, sometimes, that’s not the best choice to make. A lot of people are not assertive or don’t have any faith in themselves, let alone think they are capable of accomplishing anything. Therefore, they’ll try to “kill your dreams”, because they resent the fact that you see things that they don’t.

To them, your dreams maybe too big or simply overshadow theirs, but nonetheless, keep dreaming until they become a reality….YOUR reality! My dreams are not going to look like yours, and neither yours mine, but I’m not going to get in the way of them. Don’t stop dreaming, because someone else is afraid of your “possibilities”. If anything, protect your dreams and visions, but most of all, protect yourself from those who don’t BELIEVE in your dreams!

Until next time Note takers!

Writefully yours,

Deetra La’Rue

2 responses to “Keep Dreaming”

  1. This is well written. The story of Joseph is a wonderful example of being anointed and appointed amongst your people and they not have the ability to support you nor believe in you. The ones that do not share your dreams, goals or aspirations are often the ones you are called to help. The very individuals that planned Joseph’s demise are the very ones he helped to thrive. As for Joseph, he learned in his “time away” to whom he needed to reveal his talents.


    1. I couldn’t have said this better myself! It always seem as though the ones we share our dreams with, are the very ones who not only oppose them, but are the ones who need us in the end!


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