Social Media: Death by visualization

Everybody knows that comparison is the thief of joy.  We’re so busy watching and lusting over what others have, that we miss out on our own opportunity for happiness.   ~Deetra La’Rue

Sometimes I’m a little hesitant to hit “Log In”, when accessing my social media account. I’m almost always met with images of women displaying their half-naked bodies, designer buys, or men flashing stacks of money, while being surrounded by a sea of scantily–clad women.  As I scroll on by, my eyes get caught up in the comments section, and I see that just about everyone share the same #GOALS.

What they fail to realize is, that often times what they see is not a true representation of the images displayed.  If anything, it’s a ploy to play with people’s perception and see how many victims they can claim, as they attempt to win their game of charades.  In all honesty, that’s exactly what they’re doing, because them “putting on” for social media, is nothing more than an “act”. 

Sad thing is, the viewers are so caught up in trying to obtain the fantasy that they miss out in reality. I have a huge admiration and appreciation for people who work hard and don’t flaunt their success, just for the sake of attaining social media approval.  I don’t, however, appreciate people who want the whole world to know how many cars they own, how many commas separate their money, how often they frequent Saks Fifth Avenue or how many times they’ve “ran up a check”.

Now, the “commoners” are forced to run after that lifestyle, while killing themselves to get it. It’s not enough for people to be happy with themselves nowadays, because they have been exposed to individuals who “show and tell” them how boring and miserable their lives are.  “If only I had it like that”, seems to be the thought pattern for this generation, especially the younger ones.  Hell, even some of the perpetrators don’t have it like that…but, they want you to believe they do!

Everybody knows that comparison is the thief of joy.  We’re so busy watching and lusting over what others have, that we miss out on our own opportunity for happiness.  Why do we give memes or social media “figures” the right to determine how we should feel or live our lives? Better yet, why are we going into debt to “Keep up with the Kardashians”, be “Flawless like Beyoncé” or live like the “Real Housewives of Atlanta”? 

Stop killing yourselves to compete with images that may be fabricated to appeal to you, in an attempt to improve ratings and fatten the pockets of the imposter, while depleting you of yours.  Goals are things that you set forth to attain and work towards, and should not be measured based upon what someone else has. It’s fine to use others success as an inspiration, but by all means, don’t make them your #GOALS.  There should be no one on this earth that you desire to be “just like”, so stop looking to social media for an example or individuals to define and validate your success. 

So many people think of success and automatically equate it to large sums of money, a colossal mansion or fancy ride. Success is anything you put your mind to and work hard to get. It can be a degree, job or owning your own business.  It doesn’t necessarily have to land you on the front page of the New York Times or earn you a blue check mark on Instagram. Besides, why do you need someone to “verify” who you are or how successful you are? We must also be careful to understand that my success is NOT your success!

Don’t become upset when the life you attempted to pattern after someone else, does not become your own. If that were the case, it would’ve been God’s will for you.  So many people are unhappy, because they are still relying on others to give it to them.  If only they look would “log off” or “deactivate” their account, they’d see they are most happiest when they don’t have constant reminders from images telling them what they should have, what their status should be or how many people need to be following them.

Writefully yours, 

Deetra La’Rue 

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